Locksmith Service

We provide a comprehensive list of services including:

  • Lock Repair- Defence is the best form of attack, and its always best to repair your lock before its too late.  After many years of daily use, even the most expensive lock system need some expert care and attention.  Our expert locksmiths will ensure your locks are back to full working order, carrying out thorough safety checks.
  • Lock Change – We carry our lock changes as part of insurance work or tenant eviction. We only ever fit the most secure and hard wearing of locks, always looking for the latest in residential lock systems.
  • Lock Rekeying- If you’ve had your keys stolen or you’ve lost them, lock rekeying allows you to change the key for your lock without replacing the whole unit.  Our expert locksmith are quick to respond and will professionally rekey all your locks to ensure your home is safe and secure.
  • Window Locks- Our residential locksmiths can install locks on windows of all types and sizes.  Ideal if you have small children or if you want to make your home even more secure.  This affordable service is carried out by our trained professionals who only ever install the most hardwearing lock systems.
  • Garage Door Locks- We provide affordable garage door locks service, fitting your garage with hard wearing lock systems.  We also carry out garage lock repairs, to help combat years of usage.




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